Sunday, December 16

Vintage Finery

Vintage finery for the holidays and beyond. 
All is in the SHOP & linked here. 


Emileigh said...

Ooooooo! All the 1930s dresses in this batch are melting my heart. Especially the velvet ones. So drapey and lovely and luxurious!

L C said...

That 1930s BILLET-DOUX silk velvet dress, oh my!
If I wasn't six months plump with pregnancy, I wouldn't be able to resist!

Unknown said...

Hi, did you notice that the 1950s NIGHT NYMPH dress is so Lauren Bacall in How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)Look at this!
And the Dorothy shoes!
All I want for christmas....

Gabrielle Clayvon said...

Oh how I wish those first two 1930s dresses were my size. I would snatch them up in a hurry! You always have the best selection of vintage dress finery.

Sarah Kyle said...

I literally feel overwhelmed when I looked through your posts, I see so much gorgeousness and feel like I need to slow down to take it all in! Haha.

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