Sunday, October 21

Coat Preview | Part I

The shop is overflowing with coats! So in the coming weeks I'll be doing previews of the coats that will be available in the shop. I'm contemplating putting them all in at once, what do you think?

If you see a coat you just love & want to stake your claim, just drop me a line at for sizing info
(mentioning your own size in the email would be helpful!).

Because of all the interest I decided just to list them all today! You can see all the coats in the shop HERE
And there are MANY more coming!


Anonymous said...

I love the coat with the buttons off to the side. Can I dare hope it's a large? Ha ha

Frances said...

Guh, the dark green one! But I am sure it is out of my price range, even if it happens to be my size...

Maja said...

the green one is so beautiful! What size is it?

Jean Jean Vintage said...

Is it that time of year again already?! Pretty soon it will be snowing around here . . . then I will know it is really winter :)

erinbonnieshoes said...

Winter is just around the corner and these lovely clothes are so fit for me, I love them!

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