Thursday, September 6

it's just sprinkles | a shop update


Nora said...

I have to say that your Etsy is one of my fave shops ever! I think I check your Etsy every day, and that 1940s lace dress is one of the reasons why! I just bought the most beautiful green dress from you, but now I'm thinking of getting more! Ooooohhhhh my job is so not fabulous enough for these dresses!

Nora Finds

Bingo Games said...

I super love the striped turtle neck. I bet that is knitted! i just love those kind of pieces! Good job on putting these all together:D

Unknown said...

So much fabulousness in one place! I love your shop and look forward to the updates.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Award:

Have a great weekend,

xx cocoa & lace

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