Tuesday, September 25

Hey, its me again!

Hold the phone - it's an outfit post! It has been so long since I have done one that my tripod was enrobed in cobwebs. But the spirit moved me, or rather the polka dots moved me. I've never been into polka dots, I think the last time I wore them is over a year ago (HERE) but suddenly, this autumn I am sort of loving them, especially when they are done in a preppy way. And I think the beret is going to be my chapeau of choice this fall/winter, so classic, easy to wear & warm!

vintage black beret ◊ thrifted
cotton polka dot blouse ◊ The Gap
black cardigan ◊ thrifted
1950s camel wool pencil skirt ◊ thrifted
Harris tweed saddle bag ◊ eBay
vintage leather riding boots ◊ i can't seem to remember!


Dethrose Vintage said...

This outfit is just, well, full of awesomeness:) Love everything, including seein' ya face on here!!!

LoveCharlesVintage said...

You look so excellent! I'm inspired to wear my baret today.


Come over to the polka dot dark side...MWUAHAHAHAHHAHAA.

I for one am an avid advocate of polka dots. I wear them once a week, at least. :)

Good Twin said...

This is the most adorable outfit! I kind of want to run to Gap and buy that blouse! This season?

Jessica / Lola Vintage said...

love the beret, love it, love it! Delana has a hot pink one in her shop right now that I may have to gift myself this week!

Anonymous said...

The one polka dotty thing I own is a blouse too. It's a perfect and easy way to add some polka dots, and I love how you've styled yours. Your beret is cute!

Vacation Vintage // Stephanie said...

so so cute!!

BaronessVonVintage said...

Love it, Lauren! Hurray for dots and boots and berets!

Takahē said...

Lovely outfit! :)

Le Fresne said...

Your blog is beautiful.
Who can resist polka dots?

le fresne x

Amanda M. said...

I love all of your outfit posts. You look so put together.
Also your etsy shop has particularly fantastic pieces right now.

Unknown said...

i *knew* this was a GAP shirt. it's vintage, yes?
i had it's twin - navy with white dots, when i was a younger girl.

i've never been huge into polkadots for myself, but absolutely loooooved that shirt. the color of the navy and the fabric. i hadn't thought of it in years. (even if it's not the same) thanks for the memories!!

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