Wednesday, August 8

Jenny Belin | portrait artist

I don't get a lot of mail  at my shop, pretty much just bills and the occasional funny correspondence from my mother. But this morning in my mailbox, along with my utility bill, was a sweet postcard from a blog reader! I think I said outloud, "oh man, how great!". The sweet note was from Jenny Belin, a portrait artist of people and pets and after looking at her site I liked her work so much I wanted to share it with you. I also want her to paint Ella, who is, dare I say, the perfect muse...


Kim said...

LOVE her work! You can see the personality show through, like the puppies could just jump on your lap. Great stuff :)

Amanda said...

Wow! These are gorgeous. I'm in love.

jenny b said...

Thank You So much Lauren!It is such an honor to be featured on your beautiful blog!
Jenny B

De La Belle said...

ooh, I love her cat portraits.

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