Tuesday, July 17

silk three ways

1930s red silk dress | 1950s gray silk polka dot dress | 1920s apricot silk dress

Three un-perfect vintage dresses up for auction on eBay. Recently, someone asked me why I sell certain dresses on eBay as opposed to in my shop. To answer the question, sometimes a dress is so lovely yet damaged in such a way that I feel unable to set a price. I feel the value is somewhat subjective and that it is better that someone who wants the dress "decide" how much it is worth to them; and obviously, it seems the best place for that is eBay.You can find these three dresses HERE.


Anonymous said...

love the 1920s dress


Amanda M. said...

So so beautiful. Sadly none of them are in my size. I always love your 20s and thirties dresses.

christina said...

Thanks for answering that. They are beautiful dresses even with their minor flaws. Your reasoning makes perfect sense.

Enjoy your off time.

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