Wednesday, July 11

one day instagram

two 1950s lace dresses i soaked overnight & hung on the line to dry
some of the vintage spilling out of my car after monday night's vintage buy
post photo shoot in the shop
one of my favorite finds from my most recent vintage buy, a 1930s handmade cotton ticking stripe playsuit
too many buttons to do and undo!
some sweaters hanging in the shop. (yes, i know sweaters should not hang, but it's only temporary, settle down!)
Yesterday, I was "blowin' up Instagram" as my husband came home & said to me. Here's an edited version of my blowin'upness. Are you on Instagram? If so and you fancy following my feed, my moniker is, appropriately,  DearGolden. :)

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Amanda M. said...

Oh my god the playsuit is so Ruby Keeler-esque! So cute.

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