Tuesday, June 26

sneak peek | double chiffon

What's better than an airy 1950s silk chiffon dress? Oh, well, TWO airy 1950s chiffon dresses, of course! 
These two will be in the shop this week. 


Jane said...

Oh my goodness. I'll be stalking your shop until these lovelies premier. I might have to snag one. Chiffon is my weakness.

Lindsay Maree said...

Oh, how beautiful! I hope the left one is in my size. It would be perfect for our wedding after party!

Amber said...

LOVELY! Question. What font are you using here? It's lovely.

Sarah Dee said...

They're both fantastic!


Wild Tea Party said...

I've got to ask the same question as Amber - what is that font? I usually know!

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