Sunday, June 24

a little (literally) something different

For as long as I have been running the shop I have wanted to carry earrings, but I could never figure out a way to shoot them that I liked enough. The reign of indecision is now over! Let there be earrings in the Dear Golden shop! I admit that my taste (and thusly, the "shop's taste") is jewelry is a bit less feminine than most of the garments in the Dear Golden shop, but if you like cool & somewhat simple jewelry then I think you'll like the pieces that are headed to the shop. 

The first four pair are already in the shop! 


CP and KW said...

oh, these are so beautiful! :)
kw, Ladies in Navy

Jeannine and Erin said...

These are great! Earrings are one of the biggest sellers in our shop. Feminine is nice but we're also really into industrial and structured jewelry as well.

blue roses said...

i love the first few pairs, they are very different from jewelry that i own..... almost appear to be remnants from industrial fall out zone, just found. they are simultaneously very organic yet a bit mechanized.

Ballad of Seasons said...

these are all so amazing!!

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