Thursday, May 3

Sonia Rykiel | SS 2012

Yes the clothing is cool, I so like some of it. Not my favorite fashion collection, to be sure, but the hair! I love the way the hair style is so effortless, minimal, pretty and a bit Lauren Bacall. I've been growing my bangs out, which is a thankless task and seeing these photos was just the thing to reiterate my goal. 

Oh but that striped maxi dress? Yes, that's the shit.


Amber said...

WOW! That dress makes me feel like my eyes at too much candy.... in a great way.

found and sewn said...

Love it! I'm going to start growing my hair.

shi zhan said...

レイバン wayfarerって、聞いたことありますか?Ray Ban サングラスという、カリスマブランドサングラスのトップシリーズで、今では大ブーム中!特に人気なのは、レイバン RB2140というモデル、この夏、ぜひ一つ購入したい!モンクレール ジャケット

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