Tuesday, May 1

a girl has needs, well, ok, she has wants.


philip lim 3.1
by langley
swiss legacy
style at home

shop worthwhile
max hedron
I buy something new (not vintage) once every almost never. But I like to pine for things not found at the thrift store, antique mall or on eBay that's for sure. My Pinterest 'want' board is a testament to my window shopping. I think the only thing I'll actually try and buy are the wooden egg crates because due to my proclivity toward cocktails with egg whites, the house always a supply of eggs on hand. 


Unknown said...

Nothing wrong with a little want-needing! But, oh Anthropologie...you'll be the death of us all; I seem to want just about everything they have! Those egg holders are great; love the simplicity of them.

Anonymous said...

Right!!! Love that bed spread!! When I got my anthro mag yesterday I was in love with it all!! May is a goodie!!!

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