Saturday, May 19

Channeling Rhoda

It can get real quiet working alone at the shop for hours on end and although I mostly listen to music while I am there I often want to hear something that isn't music, but isn't silence (ok, I know I can't hear silence, but whatever). So I usually watch The Mary Tyler Moore show because it isn't something you have to give your full attention to but it's just nice to have on and hear people talking. If you ask me, the best part of the show, by far, is Rhoda. It's no wonder Valerie Harper landed her own spin-off show, Rhoda,  (they are real clever with those show titles, eh?). Yesterday I felt like I was channeling Rhoda with my hair in a scarf and 70s' plaid wrap skirt. I spent the morning (5 hours of it) ironing things for the shop and this skirt was one of those things. Needless to say the skirt is not going to make it into the shop, at least not without my body in it. 

Head to toe:
1970s floral cotton scarf - thrifted
1940s brass & lucite necklace - antique mall
cream tissue cardigan - thrifted
tank top - thrifted
1970s cotton wrap skirt - thrifted
t-strap platforms - Nicole 'Relish' via Zappos (note: these are CRAZY comfortable & I'll be wearing the tar out of them)


Dulcie said...

Oh wow, that necklace is absolutely amazing! I am completely obsessed with lucite at the moment and desperately want some shoes with lucite in. :) xx

Dulcie said...

And at second glance those shoes are pretty incredible too! You look so lovely and cool xx

Eartha Kitsch said...

LOVE this outfit.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Yay! Loved Rhoda. And I love the skirt and cute head scarf!


Looking snazzy as always Lauren! Oh man I am digging those shoes!

Unknown said...

Stunning outfit! "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" is in my rotation of shows that keep me company during long, solitary hours as well! I love it for the 1970's clothing, among other things. Such an easy decade to wear!
xo, Anita

Bombshell Bettie said...

Love your necklace!

De La Belle said...

Oh I have this very same skirt and its one of my favorite go-tos!!

Vanessa said...

LOL, and I thought I was the only one who put on the Mary Tyler Moore show to drown out the silence!!! Gotta love Rhoda Morgenstern and Mary Richards!
Also, good call on the skirt; it looks great on you. :)

Sandra said...

When I work (alone) in the shop, I always have the T.V. on some kind of true crime/forensics/autopsy documentary style show.

I find the deep, well trained, resonant voices of the narrators soothing and in my opinion, they make great company!

My Husband calls it "creep-o-vision."

He's so silly.

Sandra said...

You look very nice too!

Rhoda was always my fav.

Free spirited, artistic, and always had the better wardrobe... just my personal opinion.

Coby said...

Love your shoes! And I totally understand when you want to listen to something that isn't music or silence and I found podcasts to be perfect for me.

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