Tuesday, May 22

1950s wedding ♥ An Impossible Dream dress

1950s An Impossible Dream silk satin wedding dress

This vintage dress almost seems like the sister to this wedding dress that was in the shop this winter. The same luxurious silk satin that seems to emit it's own luminosity, the thick & detailed beading, the handset zipper; it's really something special and I am so happy to make it available for some lucky bride. In the SHOP now.


Teresa said...

I'm not the marrying kind but I really want to just for that dress!

Kat said...

...that dress is positively stunning!

Anna said...

Beyond gorgeous. I would wear that...if I could wear it.

Frances said...

Oh, how I wish that dress could be mine! It's just the right size and everything... I could plan a winter wedding around that. I especially love the little nip in the front of the skirt, it's so charming.

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