Sunday, April 22

wood & crochet

There's something I just love about wood handled bags, I am not a handbag person at all, but these seem sweetly simple to me and so I really like them, especially when they have interesting wood handles like the more round one in the first photo. I found all of these at once which makes me think they just might have belonged to one stylish lady. 
They'll be in the shop soon!


AVY said...

Wasn't this on Project Runway, or something like it?


bridget anne said...

oh my goodness. too cute!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Also "not a handbag person"--but I love these, too! I would definitely make room in my small collection of bags for the right wood handle-d bag. I especially like the tapestry one.

Diana said...

I love this style of bag I only have one though.

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