Tuesday, April 24


 vintage Vera tunic • The Soph • shop dresses • new shoes! • Ella • Miss Bergdorf
the shop • me! • Ella in vintage • rag curls • my mom is silly • the shop
cupcakes • 50s wedding dress • late night gossip • 40s shoes • boyz • 50s dresses 
lovely new friends • Ella • the shop • 40s shoes • beans in the sink • ice cream with mom
choices, choices • whiskey smash love • my mom's shop • Sophie • giant bee! • 40s shoes

Sometimes Instagram seems flippant, but every time I do these posts I always have to smile at this things I have already forgotten in such a short period of time. Here's my spring so far thanks for my phone.  Oh & my Instagram moniker is Dear Golden, big surprise. 


Eartha Kitsch said...

Some really beautiful shots in there! And I love that dryer vent note. I completely agree and bug people to death about it.

Nettie said...

I love these!! Well, I've loved seeing them on instagram, too. Love you in that trench coat and sheath dress, too.

Anonymous said...

that is a HUGEass BEE!
lovely, lauren. i dig your instagram collages. i don't always catch your photos when you post them. happy spring. :)

bridget anne said...

such adorable kitties! and those shoes seriously rock. i completely agree about iphone posts feeling a tad flippant...i always feel like i'm giving myself a cop-out. but they really are fun to look back on! they're perfectly mundane & lovely.

gleeps said...

Wow, your mom has a vintage shop too? Great family tradition!

gleeps said...

Wow, your mom has a vintage shop too? Great family tradition!

found and sewn said...

Love all your photos...

skbelile said...

Such beautiful pictures with a charming vibe!

Your brick & mortar shop looks so charming...
more update pics. on the shop, please?
Would love to see it's evolution.

You have such a perfect and unique look all your own. I just love your personal esthetic. Inspiration to find my own.
Yes, that's right, you're an inspiration!
A good one. Things I learn from your blog:

Love + Laughter everyday
Pets around at all times
Good food and drink
Wear what makes you smile

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