Friday, April 13


Catherine Deneuve
Ingrid Boulting
Jacquelin Bissett

Anita Ekberg
Charlotte Rampling
Isabella Rossellini
They're just real nice to look at, aren't they? Who here is your favorite?


Jean Jean Vintage said...

Charlotte Rampling. My favorite forever.

Wildfell Hall Vintage said...

I want Anita Ekberg's dress and everything inside the dress.

Mary said...

They are all magnificent beauties, and have oodles of charisma. But i have to say my favorite is Catherine Deneuve. There is just something about her that is unique! :)

Hannah said...

Ingrid reminds me of one of those 1960s Bradley dolls with the big eyes...much less creepy on a real person! I also love Charlotte Rampling. Her freckles are fantastic.

Andi said...

I've had a girl crush on Isabella Rossellini ever since Blue Velvet came chic, sophisticated, mysterious, and the accent! But, then, the same could be said of the ever amazing Catherine Deneuve!

Amber said...

Isabella Rossellini! She's so strong and beautiful. Have you seen her Green Porno series (not actually a parno at all)? Hilarious! From beauty to brazen humor.

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