Wednesday, February 29

the way i really really want to look

The spring/summer 2012 collection from Comrags. It's as though they popped off the top of my head, reached in and grabbed this little nugget in my brain called the "exactly what I want to wear oh hell yes it is", pulled it out and made a collection. I mean, I do know my style preferences can be all over the place, (eclectic shall we say), but you would hear nary a complaint from me if my closet were filled with garments such as these. 


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Yep--that charcoal and mustard color scheme grabs me every time, and I love the horizontal stripe skirts!

garofit said...

I think you look like that already :)

Anonymous said...

oh yes...this collection is SO you. very lovely, indeed.

Adelaide's Homesewn said...

this made me laugh. and that's a really hard thing to do right now.

Teresa said...

LOVE the dresses in this collection! Mustard and grey combinations will always win me over. :)

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