Saturday, February 25

closet visit

I recently discovered Closet Visit where artist Jeana Sohn visits creative, inspiring and stylish ladies' closets.
 I would love to do this type of thing, but for now I'm busy sifting through the closets that Sohn has revealed. 
See more  HERE.


Anonymous said...

Love Closet visit and Joannas style.
Hope you haven´t missed Natalie Joos site - about vintage ladies wardrobes !

Anonymous said...

This is old news, but thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What a treat, thanks for posting this!! I am in love with & especially inspired by the short film ' Closet Visit film No.2 "Matilde" ''s fab!!

Gabrielle-"The Gift of Gab" said...

Your Distillery definitely deserves to be featured in this "Closet Visit" collection. So much history is contained in that collection of dresses.

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