Thursday, January 19

lena hoschek ✤ a/w 2012

 Lena Hoschek | autumn/winter 2012 | here & here

I can't imagine it's particularly easy, as a fashion designer who loves vintage clothing, to create a line that is obviously vintage inspired without being costume-y, unoriginal or unmodern, but Lena Hoschek does it right, so so right. I think I have previously avoided blogging about her collections just because it's sort of obvious that I would like her pieces and every other vintage-loving gal does her part to blog the collections. But I couldn't resist this time, partly because I fell super in love with how every model has a simple wool beret on her head and the styling made me happy I have not chopped off my hair. Tonight I'll be sleeping on sponge rollers for sure. Tomorrow I'll be on the hunt for that petulant shade of deep red lipstick (I'll take any leads I can get, hint hint).


Jessie said...

This collection is beautiful! ...I love how dedicated you are to keeping your hair long. Do you usually wear it shorter (I've only been following about a year). All the beautiful braids and vintage inspired hairstyles make me want mine long, but I do not have the commitment you do :)

Jackie said...

Wow---her collection is amazing!

Aimee and Harriett said...

I love her things!

The most perfect one I've ever got was Guerlian's rouge passion, I think it may be discontinued but if you can get it - its the most BEAUTIFUL shade. xx

Amber said...

I fell in love with these yesterday! The styling is just wonderful, and I'm loving all of the light play on the silky fabrics. That model in the blue-gray dress, second from the last on the right column, bears a striking resemblance to you, Lauren!

Beth Wade said...

These are fabulous! Thanks for the introduction to her stuff. You should still try rolling your hair in socks too <3

Malayka said...

Isn't she amazing! By far one of my favourite designers... now if only I could actually afford her clothes!

Marika said...

New York Apple by MAC is a great deep red like in those photos. Every time I wear it I get complements.

Heather said...

These are beautiful, I love the mix of retro with modern. I think this is the best way to do an ode to vintage.

Sandra said...

I am in love and inspired!
Thanks for turning me on to this designer.
Now... for the lips.... you have found your girl:

*if you want an all day no touch-up required deep colored lip:
select a the deepest reddish hued shade of
"Cover Girls Outlast Lip-stain"
(the best colored lip stains hands down and I have literally tried all brands plus I am a fair skinned redhead so colors make a huge difference on me.)
I like to use a pair of pliers and gently pull the felt tip end completely out. The felt tip dries up too quickly and is not the best delivery for the liquid stain.
Insert a sponge tip lipgloss brush (an old one from previous used lipgloss or new one from the drugstore) into the tube and pump/push it down to sop up the stain. There is spongy mass with loads of stain down there.
I also break/snap the opposite end (not the sponge tip) off with said pliers so the wand will fit under the snap on cap to close the tube with new wand inside.
Apply the liquid stain with "new" sponge tip wand on very dry lips. Apply stain to the center/inside area of lips first because it will naturally feather outward as it sinks in.
Let lips soak up the stain (a minute or so) then reapply some more. Use a q-tip and trace along outside lip line to remove any puddled stain and prevent a lip liner look.
Apply a light coat of Aquaphor or Vaseline to add moisture and seal. Blot lightly with tissue to remove any access shine after lips have soaked up some of the moisture and enjoy red lips all day with no lipstick residue left on your morning coffee mug. Kiss everyone you love.

~~~The previous process is much easier than it reads.

*If you prefer lipstick:
~~M.A.C. Russian Red~~~

*If you are really daring, apply the Lipstain technique and then dab Russian Red lipstick on top.
Some make-up artists will dust a little matte powder on the lips before and after application of lip color to create that "Bee stung" matte finish Flapper-girl lip plus it will also add longevity to the wear of the lipcolor.

Good luck and Godspeed!

Zohar said...

How beautiful. I love how dark and even a little film noir it is.

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

The deep red lipstick, the boots, the skirts and sweaters, all remind me of how I dressed in the 90s in a good way. Love the berets, too.

Clara said...

Oh my God this is amazing... Wish I could own ALL those clothes...

Samantha/Floria Vintage said...

That makeup is remarkably close to my everyday style. I'm fond of Chanel's Vamp shade, myself.

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