Monday, January 30

just a dress

It's super cold. Gotta wear a lot of clothes. This isn't a "oh look at my super cool outfit", but I really like this dress, it makes me think of my art class teachers in elementary school, awesome huge pockets. I also like it because it's a Christmas gift from my husband many years ago and don't you just love it when a dude can pick out a piece of clothing for you & you actually like it? You can also see how dour I look when I don't smile. Pretty morose. 

Corey Lynn Calter dress  gift 
black cotton henley ◊ American Apparel
black tights ◊ ?
black boots ◊ Storm by Cougar (BEST winter boots ever BTW)


harmonie park said...

lauren- l.o.v.e. the shot on the new settee! there is something touching about a man picking out dresses for his lady love. romantic.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful dress and I love your photo setting with the settee and the brick wall.

art deco dame said...

Great settee and setting.

Wild Tea Party said...

Swooning over the settee. I've got a modern one arriving on Saturday I picked up for a bargain. I can't wait to share it on the blog.

Am also loving your dour expression.

Anonymous said...

i love everything about the third photo...your expression, the way you're cool.

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