Monday, December 5

Happy Repeal Day!

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Happy Repeal Day! On this day in 1933 the Twenty-first Amendment was passed thus ending the 14-year prohibition on the manufacture, transportation, import, export, sale, and consumption of alcohol in the United States (not that is kept anyone from drinking anyway!). I'll be celebrating at my favorite place to swill cocktails, The Sugar House.
But until then, here's a shop update


Unknown said...

love the shoes!
i have the sequin dress in gold, up in the shop! TWINS! ;)

thatdamngreendress said...

Oooh, fuzzy brooch FTW! and tufty silk cloud coat too!

carmen said...

the ivory dress is to die for it *__*

ms.composure said...

def LOVING the black skirt!!

arvee marie said...

I definitely love the black dress! ♥

Molly Painter said...

Dear Dear Golden,

I'm always so relieved when I click on your shoes and find they are NEVER in my size. Because let's face it, if they were, I'd be a hungry, broke, penniless girl with really fabulous shoes!!

Happy Holidays!!

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