Friday, December 16

Gustav Klimt, meet Oscar de la Renta.

As soon as I saw this dress I thought of the painting by Klimt (above right) - wearable art!
1970s Oscar de la Renta dress in black silk & gold lurex. The Danae dress, in the shop now. 


Q's Daydream said...

oh wow! Klimt is my favorite artist!

Unknown said...

I adored the dress from the moment I saw it in the shop! I was sad when I saw that it is too small for me, even more so now that I see such a beautiful peice of art in it.
{I am comforted knowing that a stunning black and gold knit treasure is on its way to me, however!}
xo, A.

Jessica / Lola Vintage said...

!! such a stunner, if you get an appreciation photo for this one, I hope you share! immediately favorited!

cassiopeia* said...

what a sensational dress. ah, if only she were my size! i love that painting, as well, and i do see the resemblance.

Christy said...

You find the most incredible dress treasures! There's something so romantic about wearing a Klimt painting; the warmth and sensuousness of his art has always appealed to me.

art deco dame said...

Just beautiful!

Flopie said...

Thanks for sharing this, it's beautiful! Klimt is also my favourite artist, and inspires me everyday. I found more information about his life and an extensive painting gallery on this website where you can even buy a great quality oil painting reproduction.

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