Thursday, December 1

amy sacksteder | art

you do not me | 22" x 30" | ink, gouache and correction tape on collaged paper | 2011

November281963369182rebmevoN | 6" x 6" | oil and silver leaf on panel | 2011

Land Blindness | 30" x 22" | ink, gouache, salt, gold leaf and correction tape on paper | 2011

Net 1 | 18" x 24" x .75" | ink, gouache, blue tape and collage on paper | 2005 and 2011

Amy Sacksteder is the cool cool coolest, for reals. Outside of being what another friend called my "same sex life mate", ( I seriously love the shit outta the girl), she is both my neighbor (at home) & my neighbor at my shop downtown (her studio is across the street from my shop). An artist and art professor she is forever doing artist residencies in the raddest of places - this last time it was Iceland and dare I say you can see the influence the Icelandic landscape had on her artwork. I love it. Check out her site here

Also, you can read an interview and sneak a peek at her jewelry collection (my personal favorite in all the land, honestly) at Jean Jean Vintage

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Jean Jean Vintage said...

Yaaaaay Amy! Certainly my most well-traveled friend. I hope to have a piece of her art chez moi someday.

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