Sunday, November 13

The Sugar House

Combine my love for the past, my love for Detroit and my love for old timey cocktails and you've basically got The Sugar House, a recently opened Prohibition-era style cocktail bar in the Corktown area of Detroit. Upon my first visit I "went big" and ordered a Ramos Gin Fizz and figured if that was done well, or heck, even correctly then the place was worth it's sauce. 

Annnnd, it was proven to be worth it's sauce. Next up was a whiskey smash, which was *the best* whiskey smash I had ever had. The menu has been different every time I have visited so I have gone off my script and just order their concoctions because in short, they can do no wrong. The last time I was there I had a New York Flip - what the heck?! I had never heard of it. It caused utter delight, I think I salivated while drinking it. It's another cocktail with an egg in it - this time the whole egg, I pretty much order whatever drink has the egg in it. Think that sounds gross? Try it once then get back to me. 

My husband has a DJ night there on Sundays called Bright Young Things, above is the flier I made to promote it, had to get a flapper in there, of course! 

If you live near Detroit (or are visiting) I recommend heading to The Sugar House for a night. 
2130 Michigan Ave., Detroit MI 48206 | 313.962.0123


VintageDanielle said...

I just love love love the name of the place :)

Malayka said...

This place sounds fantastic! I love myself a good old fashioned cocktail too. Especially if they have whiskey in them! Have you tried a sazerac before? Basically my favourite drink ever. It comes from New Orleans and is whiskey based... but the glass is first rinsed with absinthe! This baby will knock your socks off!

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

I had two cocktails when I went, one off the menu, and the second I just had the bartender make me whatever he wanted. Both were fantastic. And very well-priced for a craft cocktail joint.

Courtney said...

It sounds wonderful. :) love te concept. Your flier is perfect!

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