Saturday, November 26

shortie coat

As a gal who's is only 5'5 I alter a lot of dresses and pants, but also coats which I think some people forget they can have altered. I have had my tailor shorten many of my coats, and it's not even expensive, most coats are around $10. This coat was very long and though it was cool that way I knew I would not wear it very often at that length. As it is now I wear it a lot, so if you ever see a coat you love while thrifting or at a vintage shop that you think is too long you should think about having it tailored!

1950s plaid dress ◊ estate sale
red cashmere cardigan ◊ thrifted
coat ◊  every eskimo
black belt  ◊ thrifted
tights can't ◊ jcrew
boots ◊ Frye

And the SHOP is still 20%, until Sunday night, 11/27! Enter code HEYTHANKS at checkout.


thatdamngreendress said...

That is a beautiful coat, and I can't imagine it at another length. perfect. I never think to get coats shortened- I always just wear 'em at whatever length. hmmmm...

Jean Jean Vintage said...

Damn that is a great coat! It never occurs to me to have things tailored. I gotta start thinking that way.

oh, albatross said...

it looks perfect on you!

Anonymous said...

It's so funny to me that 5'5" is taller than the national average (also my height), and trousers are always too long! Can't there be a tall section for those trousers, and normal people like us can have normal length trousers?! Sigh. It's all a campaign to not only make us feel short and odd, but to support the alterations businesses, I suppose.

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