Thursday, November 3

it's what i get for being cheap

The whole idea behind this post was supposed be "hey guys! day to day this is how I look!", I mean when I am not dressed up to "go somewhere" and "do something". I feel odd posting my whateverday outfits, but then I also feel odd only posting my I-put-a-bit-more-effort-in outfits. Today I needed to be comfortable and warm as I drove all over creation hitting some favorite vintage hunting spots. After I took the photos I realized that because I was too cheap to get the non-glare on my glasses I basically cannot look into the camera when I am wearing them. It looks super weird, like I have laser eyes. Next time, I won't be so cheap because I imagine that out in the world when I am wearing my glasses that glare is sort of distracting. Anyway, the outfit was only a success because I went out, was way comfy and filled my car to the max with vintage.

vintage 70s turtleneck ◊ thrifted
tank top ◊ thrifted
mulberry trousers ◊ Zara
gray suede ankle boots ◊ Jeffrey Campbell


Angelica said...

Love the pants! The color is perfect:D

Maria Casteel said...

i like you.

Anonymous said...

i don't think you're allowed to call yourself cheap when you're wearing Jeffrey Campbell boots! ;)

rebekah said...

i have a little collection going of those turtlenecks!
yer cute

Solanah said...

You look so cute! Perfect day to day wear, we all have those outfits, comfortable and functional :)


Capricious Traveler said...

I was cheap when i got my glasses too, i highly regret it. Live and learn.

Sandra said...

You look adorable. Super cute outfit. I like your frames too.
I am loving the suede lace up boots...presently on the hunt for a pair for myself!
I am learning to never skimp on items I use daily. I need to constantly reenforce this behavior. I feel your struggle.

Jessica said...

Love the outfit love the colors,the vintage top is so cute. And you look pretty with those glasses on...

Can u follow?

Anonymous said...

you are cute. i like you.

Rosaspina Vintage said...

This is what I call perfect timing, I'm going tonight to get my new glasses and will make sure they will have non-glare lenses, thank you for this post ;) I love your outfit, it's exactly what I use to wear whenever I have a long day of work ahead and just want to feel comfortable. And still you look absolutely adorable!

Zohar said...

I think this is a wonderful outfit and I always love seeing you in pants :)

Amber said...

This is a lovely ensemble! You look warm and cozy.

I think I have those same frames, or at least very similar. I did spring for the anti-glare coating, though. I love them so much that I rarely wear my contacts!

Oh, and HELLO gorgeous bed spread. can you share a bit of info about that?

Anonymous said...

Have lots of turtle neck Ladies Sweaters in my closet, and this one is just so cute too!

marmarvintage said...

Comfort is the key when you are shopping.
Sometimes I wear my PJs to yard or estate sales.

When did you get those Jeffrey Campbell boots? I like... I can't walk in any of his platform shoes.. :(


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