Friday, October 7

feit : for the dudes

If you have a fella in your life who likes shoes ( I know mine certainly does ) then these shoes crafted by Feit are a pretty sweet gift for him.

via Trendland
Unlike most in the footwear industry, their biodegradable shoes are in no way mass produced. The way production works is that all Feit members are sent the newest samples each month, at which point they have 10 days to request “Make Me a Pair.” In an effort to avoid over-production and material waste, each sample is subject to “Maximum Capacity.” Once maximum capacity hits based on stock levels, production begins. (Of the Hand Sewn Spring 2012 Collection, which includes 3 styles in 3 colors each, only 36 pairs per color will be produced.)


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love these. My husband could care less about fashion but thankfully he'll wear whatever his wife tells him he should. LOL

rustlethepetals said...

These shoes are actually pretty awesome! I'm working on getting my guy more into shoes...

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