Wednesday, August 31

last chance white...or maybe not

Although it seems the history behind why wearing white after Labor Day is a fashion no-no, the covention has certainly enjoyed some staying power. Time Magazine has a great article on the fashion rule (here) which has got me rethinking the guideline which has been so ingrained in the American fashion subconscious. But since I haven't decided if I can make the hurdle to wearing white after Labor Day, I thought I had better wear this vintage white lace dress and white oxfords before this weekend. 

The jury is also out over as to whether or not I like the photo effects, but I sure had fun toying around with them!


Unknown said...

Love the dress! Those photo effects are amazing! I've been wearing my white jeans more in an effort to squeeze in a few more wears.

Q's Daydream said...

I think that dress would be amazing with boots and a blazer in the fall!

Anonymous said...

why do you dress like a mom stuck in the 80s? It is doing you no justice!

Anonymous said...

A mom stuck in the 80's? I don't think so. You look fabulous, and that Times article was good food for thought! Mayhaps I'll try out a winter white this season and see how it goes.

Wild Tea Party said...

What on earth? This is the weirdest thing I've ever heard Lauren!

dfsaf said...

While I agree that comment was a bit weird and backhanded, I don't understand the need to go blab about it on twitter. It seems like so many bloggers just use their blogs for attention and fail to understand that not everyone will agree with their posts/ideas.. whatever! It is like begging for positive attention from Internet followers which in a way strikes me as odd. Just a thought.

Unknown said...

While I understand that the "live out loud" blog and twitter forums are not {or even intended to be} entirely positive and nurturing places, the community of vintage aficionados using those forums really is. Maybe it's that those of us that choose to fill our wardrobes and homes with items from an earlier time appreciate the gentler manners of those eras as well.
As for begging for attention, I beg to differ. For many people who favor vintage in their lives, the only place they interact with others who also do is on line. We actually look forward to seeing how others style their pieces and embrace their individuality.
I hope that the negativity does not stop you from sharing, Lauren! You truly embody the vintage lifestyle!

Wedding Day Tree said...

I feel that blogs are open to opinions, bloggers (blogger journalism) and readers (feedback) should be able to say whatever they want.

That being said, even thought it seems that blogs are just a personality boaster because positive comments are left, I don't think that's necessarily true.

Many readers leave comments because they tend to agree with the blogger. Readers just don't leave negative comments. If you disagree with the blogger, wouldn't you just stop reading the blog? Blogs are voluntary, not required reading.

As for Lauren's style? (which I happen to love), if you didn't like Lauren's taste, you probably wouldn't be shopping her her store or reading her blog. Lauren's style is her own, not yours.


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