Monday, August 22

endless summer

Summer isn't exactly waning over here, the humidity and temps aren't hinting the season's end and I'm trying to wear every sundress I have in my closet before it's all over.

vintage sailboat dress | etsy
orange leather belt | thrifted
leather sandals | thrifted


When Madeline and I lived together in college there wasn't any internet in house or iPhones to absorb our time so we made up all kinds of characters and games to entertain ourselves and procrastinate our classwork. One such game was "Who is Uglier?", where we would both sit in front of the mirror and see who could make the ugliest faces. Then we'd photograph them. She might protest, but I am pretty sure I can make the ugliest faces ever; uglier than anyone I know. This weekend it came to our attention that through the years we really have not changed much because as soon as we get in front of the camera we default to making ourselves look awful as opposed to pretty...


Unknown said...


Ahka Vintage said...

I used to make ugly faces too! That was back in the old days when we didn't think internet would catch on!
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Maria Casteel said...

i love it!

thatdamngreendress said...

sailboats and orange belts! I love it- I also love this adorable photo session with you ladies having fun in gorgeous summer frocks. sigh.

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

Very pretty dress!! I love it.

Unknown said...

Haha, what a fun game! I love that sundress, it's a got a very Pearl Harbor feel to it.

Dethrose Vintage said...

Oh my gosh! Love this:) My bestest friend in high school and college used to play the ugliest game! It then trailed into our adult life when we would be hit on at bars by d-bags, needless to say it's the perfect way to get rid of unwanted idiots talking to you:)

Anonymous said...

I adore the dress! I also adore the needlepoint behind you every time I see it!

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