Friday, July 22

outfit post : new glasses!

Not really an outfit post, but a new glasses post! I found this pair of 1960s smoky gray little boy frames a long while back and finally had my prescription put in them. I love how 1960s CIA agent they look. 
Oh but my awesome gold triangle necklace is from Etsy, you can find them HERE


And also last night my friend Amy and I hosted a little gal party at my house. We were remiss and didn't take any photos during the party (we were having fun!), but I shot some party prep shot and one of Amy enjoying a pre-party mojito popsicle. 


Anonymous said...

0. Those specs are dope. CIA agent, indeed!
1. Striped paper straws = boss
2. Hey I know that girl!
3. Food looks yum, I'm glad you gals had fun!

Wildfell Hall Vintage said...

love those glasses, been looking out for some two tone-ish ones myself! would like a few pairs to mix up the week ya know?! nice one L.

Q's Daydream said...

I love those glasses!
Also, I wish I lived close enough to come to one of your amazing parties!

Anonymous said...

Your glasses remind me of the ones Matt Damon wore in The Good Shepherd, but I may be wrong, Very chic!

Heather said...

those glasses are great! I love big chunky frames. I've looked for vintage ones but never found any that looked good on my face. you found some great ones!~

Stine Frøhlich said...

It´s so effortless, your style! Love it. Utterly inspirering. One question, though: how to make mojito popsicle?

Angela Barnes said...

i love the glasses on you! also, i have to mention that you have GORGEOUS skin! what's your routine, if you don't mind me asking?

also, that food i'm sure made for a awesome time!!

lauren said...

angela -
thank you! no major routine though. just Cetaphil soap (the bar) & Kiehl's moisturizer. no fuss! oh & for makeup just some Mac concealer & Bare Essentials powder. :)

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