Monday, July 18

Design Sponge feature!

Much to my (awesome) surprise it was brought to my attention that Design Sponge did a cool feature on my house for their Make It Yours section! Nevermind that neither of the two rooms in the photographs look like that anymore, it's still a great article and I love it.

They pulled colors pieces from the photos and found similar items in the world that one can buy to "create the look" so to speak. For the full article and shopping guide click HERE. Thanks Design Sponge!


ashley said...

I saw that post and thought those images looked like you home! That is such a great suprise.. you have such great style and taste!


Dethrose Vintage said...

Very Awesome! Congrats:)

Stray Nabee said...

Congrats, I love both Design Sponge and Dear Golden. Both have been such great inspiration for my own blog/shop. What a treat to see them both in the very same place!

Jacqueline said...

neato! how fun. your house is, of course, quite something.

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