Friday, June 17

a little house tour

Welcome to my house! Recently an impulse purchase of a mid-century credenza spurred a total rearrangement of the living room. We had knocked around the idea of getting rid of our television for a while because we rarely watched it & you can watch just about anything via the Internet (not because we are trying to be extra cool by not having a tv or because we hate tv). So we sold the thing off and honestly it was like a non-event, it feels totally natural to not have the television. We have a record player and a pretty substantial high-fi (thanks to an obsessed husband), so the records & books have replaced the itinerant tv watching. Anyway, not having the tv enabled the room to take on a whole new configuration which is so refreshing. Last week the light was just right so I ambled about the house with my camera and thus you are getting a little house tour!


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

So lovely and natural/bohemian--very you! I love the house tours. That magazine rack is the coolest! On the TV--ours is gigantic (hand-me-down from my parents after they got a flatscreen), and it has definitely been a challenge to fit it, the stereo/turntable, and my record collection into our living room--which is a pretty big room.

Zohar said...

You home looks so lovely! I always like it when you give us sneak peeks. I clearly see your aesthetics and I think that shows someone really feel at home where they are :)

AVY said...

Beautiful, as if taken from a magazine.

/ Avy

Unknown said...

Yay! I love home tours. Thanks for posting this. Gives us an inside scoop on your style :) It's a wonderful house and very warm.

No Carnations said...

Lauren, Its great that there is no longer a tv in your living room, we have been without for 6 years now and don't miss a thing. Our chairs and couch face each other and/or the fireplace. It spurs the best conversations with our friends. I feel its always awkward to go over to someones house and they have the television on, no?

Jean Jean Vintage said...

I can't wait to visit!

burke said...

Love the cat! Verry cute... As well I like a lot the decoration!! Very cosy.
Xxx from Spain!! :D

Katie said...

you're house is beautifully decorated! just gorgeous! thanks for the peak inside! :)

Anonymous said...

Love your magazine rack and the oversize white lamp! Everything looks clean, classic and beautiful. We don't really use our television much either. Friends who come over say "your television is so small." Um, yes, yes it is.

Rai said...

You must be very happy here: so peaceful, yet interesting. The white blanket on the couch is exquisite (as far as I can tell)! And the cracked, blue egg is beautiful too.

When my kids are beyond the age of eating + wrecking things, I will look back on this post for decorating inspiration... So lovely, thank you!

P.S. Even my "music snob" husband liked your mix that we listened to - you only have posted one, no? We're waiting for more!

Bea W. said...

I love your home, thanks for sharing.
I have been TV-less for over 3 years now. When my husband and I moved together (I moved countries and he lived on an Army base before in a furnished we started off with nothing) we could not afford the big flat-screen e wanted straight away so we didn't buy any TV. After a few weeks we enjoyed it so much being free of THE BOX, we decided we keep it that way and never looked back. Like you said, most things you can catch up with online these days and you watch more selective that way. I used to be a zapper and waste a lot of time not even really watching anything.
When people come to our house they get confused sometimes because something seems to be "missing" in our living room. It's not arranged around a TV like most people's.

m.fay said...

cozy and beautiful!!!

we want your closet? i'm sure its just as lovely.

amateur couture

Erin + Jeannine said...

so beautiful! thank you for sharing. there is such a great mix of soft whites and grays with pops of patterns and colors in your home. My husband and I just ditched our t.v. as well, and are replacing it with a wood burning stove. I swear the lack of electronics has brought a level of calm. It's also great to see others living sans t.v. (we were called 'crazy' by the majority of people who found out we were done with it)

tree and kimball said...

absolute magic. looking forward to seeing this beautiful abode with mine own eyes!

Dethrose Vintage said...

Your home is so lovely! It looks oh so relaxing:)

art deco dame said...

Love your home!Its very inviting.

Wild Tea Party said...

Lauren.... Your home should be in a magazine! Its fresh and beautiful and full of personality. If you lived in Sydney, the photography team from work would be over on Monday!

Anonymous said... have an incredibly successful etsy business AND a fabulously warm and inviting looking living space (that looks like it could have come from the pages of a magazine)...I am in awe...

yokoo said...


Naddy said...

As i work in the tv biznez it's gonna be strange to be home ON weekends without the tv especially when it involves watching my friend's. But the idea of living without the tv is refreshing.

I love your new home arrangement and the cats. Love them all.

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