Monday, June 6

anthropologie wish list (it's too long) (feeling shame)

I distinctly remember that last summer all I wanted was pale things, floral things and lacy things. This summer I've done some sort of 180 and I can't explain why. I want color, tribal prints and geometrics. I'm not going to dissect it, I'm just going with it. It might even meaning putting some beloved pale and lacy things into the shop to make room in the closet for some motley geometric prints! Above in my Anthropologie wishlist, of which I will likely buy nothing, but try and seek out vintage dopplegangers for these pieces, could take me all summer... 

And I know I already posted about these shoes, but that just probably means I should at least get one pair of them!


No Carnations said...

I bought the black floral one a few weeks ago. I love it! In the catalog I saw the model wearing the stripe maxi dress that you bought with the exact same blouse :)

Anonymous said...

I've actually ordered the bottom right shoes and now I think I need the top left top! I'm loving all the spring/summer line this year.

Melissa Righero said...

I've been eyeballing those soft pink flats's a need not a wish.


Ooo I have that bright floral dress that looks like watercolors! A friend of mine chose that dress as her bridesmaid dresses (so perfect!) and it's so comfortable and hugs in all the right places. You should definitely get it, such a great dress that can easily be dressed up or down. :)

with love,

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