Thursday, June 30

and so goes June...a shop update

I have to say, I may not be enjoying summer as much as I should because I already lament it's ending. I don't think I am taking enough advantage of the season, though I am doing a lot of loounging in pretty lingerie and vintage silk robes while sharing cocktails, so hey, maybe that's my summer! 

Today I updated the shop much more than I had planned to, so take advantage of that! All of the above is now in the shop


Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

I've been working on accessories this week too. They've been piling up and I felt like I needed to dig through them. Love that cami and tap pants set!

The Greedy Seagull said...

hey lounging in silk lingerie with cocktails doesn't sound so bad! I've been climbing ladders, using a drill and trying to stay awake with coffee!

Angela Barnes said...

That peach lingerie set is kind of pulling at my heart strings! Summer does always seem to end much too soon :x

Angelica said...

Amazing post! Love the hat so much:D
Hugs and kisses

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