Wednesday, May 18

spring/summer dress preview :: part 5

Although spring is seriously dragging it's heels in my neck of the woods, onward with the dress previews because there are still so many to preview, it feels never-ending doesn't it?

By now, you know the drill, but just in case...if you want more information about one of these dresses send me an email at, be sure to attach a photo of the dress and your size/measurements.


Anonymous said...

It was snowing here today. Yep, snow. I dream of the day I can wear dresses and walk through the sand on the beach, feeling it squish between my toes.

thatdamngreendress said...

heehee...that mannequin in the blue dirndl is totally NSFW! Aw, I wish everyday was spring preview dress day...

Anonymous said...

I'm so in love with these dresses. Will you be selling them on your store?

CS said...

I love the first dress! I can't wait for summer and lazy days on the beach.

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