Monday, May 2

raleigh : a mix

Inspired mostly by Miss Moss I am starting a new "thing" on the blog here and that is music compilations made by my husband, Chad. Chad and I met in high school, becoming best friends in 11th grade and the thing we had the most in common was our love of music, much of the same music. I am not saying this because he's my main man, but he makes THE best mixes, I am pretty sure most of my friends will agree, they always seem to end up in their hands/cars. Chad is a musician (drummer) himself & has the most amazing ear, we spend countless nights at home just listening to the "hi-fi" (love that term, still) and talking about music. And so, I share with you, the first of many mixes to come. 

Raleigh Mix
Listen to it HERE.


Miss Moss said...


Maria Casteel said...

oh my goodness; i am so excited by this. steve and i love music and its a huge part of our life, too. i'm always happy to discover new music. ya'll are both good curators!

Jessica / Lola Vintage said...

this is awesome, Lauren. I am always, always, always looking for new music, and it's interesting to see what other people listen to! p.s. check out the wretches & jabberers soundtrack (all original songs on youtube). It's my new favorite and soo good, esp. Judy Collins "Birdsong". love her voice so much.

Anonymous said...

i downloaded it too :) I am going to share with Judah-this really sounds like stuff he loves and if i say i got it from Chad "the drummer", " my longest having friend's husband" it will be all the cooler. Hope to see you when i am in MI. xoxo Va-jenny

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Very nice--a few of my favorites here!

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