Monday, April 4

shop update to start the week

Since I was away all last week I'll be busy adding a lot to the shop this week, here is the first of it. 
All of the above pieces are now available in the shop!


VeganCraftastic said...

so much cuteness, especially the red and white dress!

DaneMum said...

Oh my! One is more fabulous than the other! I don't know which's my favourtie

burke said...

Hmm the butterfly dress is really cute! Xxx from Spain :D

Miss Betty Doll said...

Oh! That white ruffle dress and that butterfly dress are just darling! I love them both :)

thatdamngreendress said...

butterflies! You're killing me!

Welcome back, with a vengeance!

amy said...

i adore every single piece.
such beautiful fabrics, structure, and colors x

much love

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