Saturday, April 23

Louise Despont

When I was in high school and college I, like a lot of people would doodle in class. These illustrations on antique ledger paper by Louise Despont remind me of my school day doodling only a thousand times better. I love how the ones with the color look Art Deco.


Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

These are gorgeous--love the Deco feel and the muted color!

bigBANG studio said...

Just saw Louise's work pop up in my google reader and had to come rushing over- she did these exquisite drawings during her Fulbright to India last year, and I'm now working with a collective of women Fulbrighters in India this year! We're all crazy about her work and couldn't believe she was able to work on paper throughout the humidity of the monsoon, when it's really difficult to get the moist paper to "accept" the graphite.

How did you come across it, pray tell? Such a delight. xoxo

Bridget said...

So stunning! I love the delicate palette!

Teresa @ good-grace said...

oh I LOVE these! They are even more remarkable considering they were not computer generated... such beautiful lines. BeaUtiful! (Thanks for the introduction to Louise's work.)

Unknown said...

I love these.

Amber said...

These are truly fantastic!

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