Wednesday, March 9

period films & fashion

Three things I love: Miss Moss blog, period films, fashion. Roll them all together and you have the genius that is Diana of Miss Moss. With a stoke of brilliance she composed these juxtapositions of period films vs. street style in the most entertaining way. She's even got one of my top 3 favorite films in there, Out of Africa, with Meryl Streep, "I once had a farm in Africa...". I could look at hundreds of these, Diana, could you make 100 more of them please? See the original posts here and here.


Allison said...

oh how i love this post. thank you!

Jessica / Lola Vintage said...

Omg, I LOVE Out of Africa! But I think I pretty much love just about any movie with Meryl Streep in it tho! This is so clever! Checking out the blog now....

Avalonne Hall said...

Yeah Miss Moss is pretty amazing. Her blog is so inspirational. I love love love her color comparison posts. I love period films and try to dress like I'm in a period film, but Miss Moss finds the perfect screen shot from the film and then the street style photo. I mean that's a lot of effort and research.

So I saw that the perfect 1940s wedding dress is on hold. Sad face. I was hoping maybe I could buy it... maybe in a year. Ahhhh. Maybe the 1950s lace dress will still be available. If not, I'm sure you'll restock on some amazing vintage wedding dresses. I hope to buy something from your etsy sometime, but everything is just amazing! :)

Jessica said...

I love each & every one...I often find myself distracted sometimes by the clothing in movies haha:)

Have you seen Bright Star? My latest film discovery full of gorgeous costumes!

Suzanne said...

I love period films and clothes! All these movies are great!

Miss Moss said...

oh man you are too nice! i would totally do a hundred of these... problem is that i get so sidetracked putting them together that i neglect my real work and other important stuff (like showering.) x

Fancymeetingyouhere vintage fashion said...

The hats. Love the hats. Boy, women used to knwo how to wear hats. We have a huge hat collection that we are in the process of listing. Wish women dressed like they used to and wore hats. You have to watch films to get the flavor where you used to just have to look around you. My mom, grandmother, great aunts, aunts--all wore hats.

BaronessVonVintage said...

This is GENIUS..sheer genius! Miss Moss has an incredible eye

She Can't Decide said...

this is a fantastic post! I can not believe the similarities! [and influences]

Wildfell Hall Vintage said...

amazing! Out of Africa is in my all time top 5 films, it's incredible...I can watch it over and over...along with most of Meryl's movies...these matches above are just brilliant...

Lauren said...

I love this post so much!!

garofit said...

Yet the film wins by far...

Julia Lorenz-Olson said...

seriously..if you want to have an amazing foray into turn of the century MUST go watch Downton Abbey...hilarious, incredibly well acted, script is sublime and the costumes are to DIIIEEE for.
that's what your first girl is from in the white dress. and it's on netflix instant watch right now!!! :)

Gina said...

This is amazing!
I love it. Good style never goes out of fashion, they say! Long live blazers and peter pan collars and high waists and ruffles!


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