Monday, March 28

good monday

Today will be a busy one, Monday's always are and today I've the added task of packing for my trip, something I should have done yesterday, but is there anyone who doesn't procrastinate packing for a trip? If so, I commend you. Thankfully I at least do something productive when I am procrastinating, usually clean and/or organize something. Today I juiced a whole slew of things so they don't end up going bad while we are in Miami. I got this gorgeous glass pitcher at the thrift shop last week and it holds a ton of liquid! This morning's juice is orange, apple, carrot, beet, grapefruit & a healthy dose of ginger. Ella seems suspicious of drinking something so brightly colored...

I'll be spending my day updating the shop with as much as I can to give you all something to peruse while I am off basking my winter worn body in the southern sun all for the rest of the week!


KristiMcMurry said...

the juice looks yummy! Enjoy your vacation :)

Jessica Peter said...

That looks mouthwateringly delicious! Love the shape of that jug, too.

Wild Tea Party said...

Enjoy your trip Lauren. I saw on the news this morning Miami is a beautiful 31 degrees Celsius. Even I'm jealous!

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