Saturday, March 26

black & white & wtf

Some selections of unexplainable black & white photos from the tumbler blog, Black and WTF.  I'd love to see someone make up little narratives to go along with these, any takers?


Samantha Marie said...

Oh my gosh, Those are amazing! The one with the lady and the bear is so funny! Some of them are *SO* creepy!! Great post, I loved seeing these old photos :)

Applesauce Inn Bed and Breakfast-Bellaire, MI said...

Sorta not sure what to say!! Weird pics...creepy? What were they thinking? Thank you for sharing!

Applesauce Inn B&B Bellaire, MI

Verseau Vintage said...

My favorite is the picture of the bear/wolf on the bed. And it's also the one I find creepiest.

BaronessVonVintage said...

WOW, these are totally WTF (in a creepy cool way!). That first one. WHOA!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, there's not much else I can say about these. Although, coming from the girl with the cabinet of curiosities I could seriously see myself collecting these little mysteries!

RockstarWife said...
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RockstarWife said...

"We all knew Mabel's fella had it comin' to him!"

One male judge says to the other with a wink, "It's a good thing we're just here to judge shoes."

"Clothes? Who needs them when all you do is toss them into the burn pile after the next date!"

"Memories really can last forever, sweetheart."

"Dear Hazel, since the foreclosure all I have left to comfort me is the teddy bear you sent. Hugs from afar ~ Priscilla"

Find comfort in this: the french horn is hard to master, even beyond the grave.

"So, piss-ass schmuck, do you wanna a haircut or not?!"

James Dean's father. The Original Badass.

Thanks for posting fun!

Em said...

Wow--love this

Alicia said...

I have a plausible explanation for the second photo! I bet they're all to be judged on their hot swimsuit bods, not on their beauty.

I find the naked lady staring up at the mannequin man extremely, extremely unsettling.

RockstarWife's caption for the bear photo made me laugh.

Is it wrong that I find the smoking babies adorable? They have ATTITUDE.

Endoscopic Face Lift said...

My favorite is the picture of the bear/wolf on the bed. And it's also the one I find creepiest.

Bryce said...

This is really awesome! I'll have to go check out that Tumblr and add it to my addiction list.

Anonymous said...

er.. the first one is kinda ... interesting. i would totally read an article about it. lol
btw alicia your not alone!

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