Monday, February 21

it's like russia now

A shop update from what is beginning to feel like Russia with the miles and miles of snow! The shop has been throughly updated and I'll be continuing to add pieces through tomorrow because frankly, I'm snowed in completely!


Unknown said...

i hear ya there lauren. we were teased the other day when all the snow melted. & here we go again with a pound of it. all i gotta say is. the groundhog lied lol & i love those pendants and you know you are teasing me with that hat. i am such a hat gal <3

Samantha Marie said...

We're pretty snowed in too! I'm so looking forward to spring :)

Stay Warm!

Sofie said...

LOVE your shop and blog!
all the best!

Sofie / Fia Lotta Jansson Second Hand

Unknown said...

lovely blog. Nessa Knits passed on your details as I am looking for a tea dress to go with my new find a 1950 picnic set.

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