Tuesday, January 11

❇ ❇ snowed in shop update ❇ ❇ part 1

 Part 1 of 2 as the snow keeps falling...


SAMI. said...

if i hadn't bought my dream wedding vintage gown, the one on the top left would be it!


About Last Weekend said...

Hi there,
What a clever combo of styles, all retro with a twist of now. Love the grey one with beige neckline, looks so easy to wear. The snowflakes make me feel like lighting the fire! Cheers, Jody

Helena said...

That wedding dress is so amazing, I'm sure it's made some little lady very happy!

owlinalarkworld said...

Just by reading your blog I get part of the thrill of finding the items. Keep it up :)
Also, do you have any tips on op shopping and what you look for in vintage items? Or have you blogged about it?

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