Thursday, January 27

color you peach & black

  A shop update not inspired by Prince & Sheena Easton, but at least the title was. Happy shopping!


Yuri said...

that second dress is adorable. going to check it out at your store now ;)

Q's Daydream said...


Melissa Righero said...

That one beaded collar you have is amazing...Black ones have been hard to find (At least for me)

Anjali said...

Oh my, that wedding dress is just amazing. Simply stunning!!

Maria Ramona said...

that little motorcyle jacket would be so perfect over all of Spring's light & floral dresses. I have one already but is two is more fun than one...seriously tempted

Gabrielle Clayvon said...

You make it so hard for a lover of vintage to just choose one item that I call my favorite piece. That peach and black dress is so super chic! (fellow lover of vintage)

RebeccaJoy said...

Hi there,
Loving all the gorgeous new additions to your shop, have brought some great pieces from you.
I live in Sydney, so unfortunately the thought of a coat doesn't go so well with thirty degrees celsius weather.
Would you PLEASE be able to put some Summery options up on your etsy shop?


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