Thursday, December 16

a sheep in sheep's clothing

Ah, the art of not looking like a total slug when it's 20 degrees outside...winter has taken hold. I've set out on a search for every wool maxi skirt that I can find because they are basically like wearing a big wool blanket all day! I can sneakily wear my long johns underneath AND giant snow boots! I will admit to you that I slept in the long johns and the shirt under the wrap cardigan, but so what!? It's freezing in my shop/office and the house is frigid when I get up, I think it's pretty awesome that I only have to slip on a wool skirt and a cardigan and I can pass for dressed. Throw on the rhinestone bow earrings and well, I am dressed!

vintage cream acrylic wrap cardigan ◊ thrifted
1970s wool maxi skirt  ◊ thrifted
gray scarf ◊ ?
1950s rhinestone bow earrings ◊ antique shop


Em said...

You look adorable. I do the long johns under a skirt sometimes too. Definitely have snow boots on today!

Katie {Katie Company} said...

I wish I was wearing this RIGHT NOW. You look so cute and comfortable!

De La Belle said...

The second to last pic of you showing your long johns is too darn cute, I love it.

thatdamngreendress said...

I love long wool skirts- you expressed it perfectly- it's like wearing a blanket. I even went skating last winter in a nice thick skirt with tights and long woolly legwarmers- it feels much better than jeans!

My apartment is so ridiculously overheated in winter that I mostly wear slips and sundresses around the house. Being cold is much worse though- it's hard to do anything! You look nice and toasty though!

I love the monochromatic print in your skirt!

giselaandzoe said...

i like all the layering!

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