Friday, December 3

promises, promises

As promised, at least on Twitter I promised, I loaded the shop up with fancy party dress, many with bust sizes larger than 34".  And this time the photos are linked so if just click the photo to go directly to the dress in the shop!


Vintage Seen said...

dying a little over the black with lace.

J-dub said...

The dresses are all so lovely! I only wish I had an occasion to wear one. And I have to admit I'm as tickled by the "snow" as I am by the dresses!

thatdamngreendress said...

Bows-a-rama! wow- was that on purpose? Aren't those little red bows on the back strap the best ever? Sweetness! said...

Ooo so many bows! The third one is just lovely. You find the most beautiful vintage goodies!


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