Wednesday, December 1

icelandic beauties

My friend Amy, who spent the month of November in Iceland sent me these two vintage photographs of some 1920s/1930s Icelandic women in traditional dress and well, of course I love them. Damn her for only sending me too. And damn me for only sharing two with you, because I bet you'd like to see more too.


Carys said...

These pictures are so beautiful, the girls look so pretty. I love Iceland, its history is fascinating. The falling snow on your blog is so sweet!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Krystal said...

your blog is snowing, how cute!

Maria Ramona said...

i love old vintage snapshots-- you are so lucky to have received those two beauties!

p.s. i just have to comment on your snow effect too -- it is rad!

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