Thursday, December 23

(i) needsupplyco. (yes please)

I've been on a kick, and it goes something like all these clothes here; better than basics, but less fussy than most things one could run around in. I like how the clothing is casual and simple, but somehow the shoes steal the show and elevate the outfit a bit. I don't own shoes like any of these. I am about to, but man, they are expensive, and it's hard to choose a pair because they are so expensive and the shapes are very modern so I can't do what I usually do and just buy something very similar that's vintage. The clothing? I think I can hunt down reasonable facsimiles, in fact I think my closet is stocked with garments such as these already.  As far as the Dear Golden is concerned I have some really great comfy and casual clothing like this ready to put in the shop after the new year once everyone gets all their sparkles all tired out after New Year's Eve. :)

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Michal said...

This stuff is great. I especially like the first pair of wedges and those awesome black boots. Also, that second pair of trousers and that white blouse are perfect!

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