Thursday, December 9

combing the streets

the streetswalker

the sartorialist

the sartorialist
the sartorialist

Or, combing the internet rather. All these photos make me want to pull myself out of my work-haze-meets-getting-dressed-laziness because they are all making it look SO easy to slap some clothing on a body and pull off an effortlessly chic look. I'm going to put all these in my pipe and smoke them, for the rest of the week, and get my butt dressed again and not work in piles of wool like I have been. But it's so fracking cold! My shop/studio/office is in a sunroom, basically the coldest possible room in the house (no choice) and it's no exaggeration to say that I wear a giant Yokoo cowl, fingerless gloves made for me by Little Bird and a big fair isle style sweater my friend Amy brought back from Iceland for me. Not chic (though the gloves *are* cashmere), no, not at all, BUT warm!


Q's Daydream said...

I'm obsessed with the second and fourth pics!
I'm no different when working. Though I sometimes at a robe on top of my pile of sweaters. Not pretty!

Tere Kirkland said...

LOL, I'm the same. It's been so cold lately, I want to wear nothing but wool pants and wool sweaters everyday!

Love that first dress! It would look awesome under my winter coat, a few sweaters and a scarf. ;)

Adelaide's Homesewn said...

yes, there is NO heat on my third floor studio so i definitely have a stocking cap on most of the time :)
i've been eyeing that 2nd picture on the sartorialist. where can i get those shoes? so chic, but i think i could still walk in them.

Jean Jean Vintage said...

Ha! I think my office is in the coldest room too! I'm working in a flannel shirt, a down vest and a beret right now. Hot stuff.

Sara said...

i need to steal number 2's life. oh man, so perfect...

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