Tuesday, November 23

ziegfeld girls

Who can tire of looking at photos of Ziegfeld girls? I know I can't. Is there a book or something 
with all the Ziegfeld photos compiled? There should be. And I should get it for Christmas.


samantha. said...

oh my! i love these pictures and old films with ziegfield girls! i agree- there should definitely be a book! and i should also be getting it for christmas!


BaronessVonVintage said...

I think I just passed out for a second. Seriously, why is there not a book??

Q's Daydream said...


AP. said...

Beautiful pictures! Right click...save! I want a book.

Gienah Ghurab said...

Jazz Age Beauties: The Lost Collection of Ziegfeld Photographer Alfred Cheney Johnston
ISBN: 9780789313812

Dana said...

The commenter above me already mentioned it, but Jazz Age Beauties is an amazing collection! It may not be complete but it's full of gorgeous photos...I got my copy on eBay for a steal but it's well worth full price.

Stella said...

I was just going to mention Jazz Age Beauties. I love old school photography, and this is just an amazing book. Not comprehensive, but good to satisfy the craving, if just a little!

Rhia said...

I was also going to mention Jazz Age Beauties. I bought it last year from Amazon. It is amazing. Can't stop browsing it =) Beautiful photos and extremely beautiful women!

Kathy St. Clair said...

Oh Lauren! <3 You can 'via le sphinx' any time you like - these images look beautiful amongst your delicious posts :)

Lots of love xx

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